Questions I haven’t heard asked yet

Why are all the voices in the “In a world…” movie previews male?

What was eating Gilbert Grape?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of Hillshire Farms smoked sausage?

Why are there so many different words for “transportation corridor”? Words like alley, avenue, boulevard, circle, court, drive, driveway, egress, freeway, highway, lane, parkway, road, route, street, throughway, thoroughfare, trafficway, viaduct, way, exit…and that’s without consulting Wikipedia.

Does Busta Rhymes ever have to put them back together again?

Did they ever find Carmen Sandiego?

We know from physics that Power = Work done per unit of Time. P = W / T. If “time is money”, and “knowledge is power”, then, by substitution, we have K = W / M. Solve for Money: M = W / K. That means, to have more money, isn’t it simply work more and know less? Completely backwards from what we keep hearing about “work smarter, not harder”…

Nobody ever asks me, “Don’t you get tired of being right all the time?”

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