Death at the Door; Fall Into Fantasy 2022 anthology from Cloaked Press

The Wish Artist, The Arcanist

Everything Is Your Fault! the best Extremely Bad Advice, volume 1

SJ answers public advice questions with straightforward, no-nonsense common-sense answers that everyone absolutely should follow. But, since basically everybody except him is a raging dimwit, he also stoops to that level and panders to those who just want their preconceived ideas validated.


The Metamorphoses; Altered Reality Magazine


Predatory  Behavior and Other Stories

In the modern world, we have mostly eliminated the largest threats to our own survival: disease, war, and the big, bad beasties hunting us at night. However, in an environment without competition, inhabitants become soft. They become dependent on excesses to keep them alive, and they lose those survival skills which allowed their cultures to develop in the first place.

Enter The Wolves: a subculture grown up in the last few decades, these self-appointed predators of humanity take it upon themselves to make the hard decisions about who lives and who dies. And sometimes, the hunted turn and fight. Inside this dramatic reimagining of the classic werewolf story, follow young Dylan as he struggles to understand the Wolves, and why he feels inexplicably drawn to them. See his evolution from scared initiate to full-fledged Pack member with mortal responsibility. And finally, catch a glimpse of a human future in which not all things that go bump in the night are imagined.


Adventures of the Joyner-Palsey Family – Every Day Fiction


Reward – 101words

Happy Birthday – 101words


Emancipation – 101words

Unity of the Citizenry – Bewildering Stories


Calibration– SOA Speculative Fiction Contest. Awarded the Forecasting & Futurism Section Prize and the Actuary of the Future Section Prize


The What Ifs – SOA Speculative Fiction Contest. Awarded the Forecasting & Futurism Section prize.


Condemnation of Fate – SOA Speculative Fiction Contest. Second place overall.

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