Writing Practice – 4/16/2018 – Please


Please. Pleas. Bargains. Questions. Hopes. Dreams. Recognition of power. “If it may please you,” means nothing more than “You have the power in this relationship. I bow to that power, and I beseech you to stop down off your throne of authority, I beg you to reach into the cesspool that is my life, I implore you to darken your flesh with the stench of my own experience, I fall on your good graces, I humbly lower my head in shame at what I am, unequal, unworthy, and I place myself at your mercy.”

Please – a simple word, with much power. With power, and authority, and tradition behind it. And it, too, it has magic. Is that not what we tell our children? “What’s the magic word?” “Say, ‘Please,’ and you can have it.” Are we teaching them that we are the authority, or that they are? Aren’t we instilling within them, by our insistence that they say “please” and “Thank you,” that anything in the world can be theirs, just for the asking? What a horrible set-up we’re putting on them. What a terrible failure of expectations they are about to receive, when they get out into the “real world”, (however that may be defined, wherever that really is, whenever that happens to show up), when they get out there and they find their selfish conceit confronted by another, who, just as selfish, just as conceited, has also grasped onto that bright, shiny, attractive thing and refuses to let go.

Now it is a struggle – of wits, of pleas, of “please” and “thank you,” a battle to see who will back down, who will surrender, whose will shall crumble under the onslaught, the greater resolve of the other, finally triumphing, when one finally gives up, gives in, lets go, says, “fine, you can have it,” and the victory dance from the other, the triumphant exultative “Yahaaa!”, the jump for joy, the enjoyment of the shiny thing, becomes a final crushing blow, eliminating any chance of future happiness, because, once and for all, the blinders that we, as well-intentioned but incredibly naive parents installed through our teaching, of “magic” words, dissolve, allowing the poor, helpless, drifting, lonely child to see the world as it truly is – cold, calculated, measured, survival not of the fittest but governed by a different law – “survival of the survivors.” Rough awakening, to be sure. And those who do wake will at least be one slight step ahead of those who don’t. They will need it. They will need all of it.

2 thoughts on “Writing Practice – 4/16/2018 – Please

  1. Words written like a true malignant narcissist.
    Rings too familiar. This writer is full of himself. Does a narcissist get over an ex? The Narcissist never was in there to begin with, so they don’t need to get over their exes quickly because they never existed.
    To be able to get over your ex or over a break up you need to exist and you need to live feelings, love, empathy, respect, appreciation and care, if tho’s things are not present the relationship was never in there, it was a lie from the start.
    The Narcissist Idealizes the victim, gets obsessed with the feelings the victim provides them about themselves, basically with the way the victim makes them feel about themselves and that’s it. That is not love, that is obsession.
    The victims on the other hand however have a hard time coping with what happened because they believe that they truly found love and they get addicted to the Narcissist. When the Narcissist gets bored it’s over he moves on to the other victim, because he or she was never in there to begin with.
    The victim in most cases acts vulnerable following their heart and emotions especially on the first few months of No Contact and BIASING themselves with the terms like: I can’t live without him/her, without him/her there is no life, i can’t breath without him/her, i will die without him/her etc, it’s the toxicity or the withdrawals of that person that hit the victims really hard, they will go around using their feelings rather then their head, they will be like:
    I know that he is bad for me, i know that he abused me, i came in here searched for answers and i found my answers, i learned my lesson but why didn’t he still Hoover me? I mean i know everything i just want to be Hoovered.
    I just wanna talk to him for the last time, i know what he did i just want him.
    Most likely the victim will have a hard time to swallow the hard pill of them being lied and manipulated rather then growing up from this experience and moving forward. They can’t seem to break their ego most of the times, they would allow them to control them fully like a puppetter, being fully addicted and hungry to their attention, eventually they will realize that no matter how much they fight nothing will change and they rather learn to move forward or get self destructed, most of them do move forward the moment they convince themselves that they have to do it because they simply don’t have another choice, it’s the victims mind obstacles combined with mind bariers that drag them to hell, thinking that they won’t find anyone else, even though they know the reality that they got abused.

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